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Look alive, sunshine!

Okay, okay, we know you tried to kill yourself. We’re sick and tired of hearing you bragging about it (sorry for the term but that’s basically what you’re doing right now). We get it. You’re a very strong person because you finally managed to overcome depression and we salute you for that. Not everyone does it and you’re one of the lucky ones out there. It’s just that the way you talk about it, it’s like you’re trying to rub it in other’s faces, that they’re nothing but weaklings and you’re this amazing suicide survivor. Even in arguments, you always wear this “I did suicide” medal so that people will pity you and let you win. Yes, that’s what you always do.

Sorry but you seriously have to stop doing that. We know your story. Everybody knows your story. It’s all you talk about every freaking day. How about the others? Do you know their story? Do you even care about their story? Do you even stop to wonder how hard it is for others to move on with their life after multiple attempts of killing themselves? They’re not as strong as you are but that doesn’t give you a right to rub it in their faces.

Our faces.


Went to Cavite with a few family friends on my birthday. I barely know them but it was nice of them to take me and my little sister out of town. We went hiking then went swimming on the river in the middle of the woods. Got some cuts on my legs, swam all afternoon, met new friends, my face got terribly sunburned, and went home with my body aching all over. I still can’t move my legs as of the moment but I had a lot of fun.

Thanks, you guys. <3

That was the sweetest birthday message ever. Glad to know that I rock your world, dear sir. :)


so many concerts, not enough money

Idk but 19 makes me feel weird. Anyhoo, I had fun today. Scraped my legs, bruised my thighs, befriended a 9-year-old, hiked, swam… All in all, a happy birthday. But the sunburn really hurts.

The pie!


What Really Happened: Purple Wedding


Mean Girls + GoT mashup is the best thing on the internet right now. See more here. 

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Perfect profile appreciation post